International Research Center Of Functional Materials and Devices of Optoelectronics and Electronics

Development, creation and studying of functional materials with enhanced properties, including electrical and thermal conductivity, strength and durability. These materials are then implemented in the most advanced micro-, nano- and optoelectronic equipment

Areas of work of scientific groups:

  1. The wide band-gap semiconductor materials for power electronics and optoelectronics.
  2.  Substrates based on gallium oxide single crystals.
  3.  New nanostructured metallic materials with high electric conductivity and improved strength characteristics.
  4.  Graphene.
  5.  Physical mechanisms of structure formation, plastic deformation and stress relaxation in composite nanostructures and bulk nanomaterials.
  6.  Photovoltaics. Plasmonic effects in nanostructured materials.
  7.  Development of technology of materials with extremely low coercivity, magnetic anisotropy, and high saturation magnetization.

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